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5 Simple Steps to succeed with learning Amigurumi

5 Simple Steps to succeed with learning Amigurumi

I did not always get the giddy excitement I feel nowadays when I begin a new Amigurumi project. Learning this crochet skill can be challenging sometimes, but the benefits to your well-being, your mindfulness and your self-confidence are worth any frustrations you may feel at the beginning of your learning journey.

There is such a saturation of content when it comes to learning to crochet Amigurumi. I find it overwhelming, and I have been crocheting for many years. It would be fair for me to assume, that based on my example below, that a beginner to Amigurumi, would be very confused on how to start.

I am passionate about crochet, and Amigurumi. I started my business because I want to share this passion and my experience with crochet and Amigurumi to others so this craft can help them.

Having the right mindset is the key element in  learning to crochet Amigurumi. You will gain experience through repetition of learning stitches, but having patience and being persistent is most important to be successful when crocheting Amigurumi.

Keeping this in mind, I developed an easy to remember equation – My 5 ‘P’ process’ – to help others through the early challenges of learning this new skill.

Patience + Practice + Persistence = Progress and Pride

Patience: This the absolute essential thing that we all need when either learning Amigurumi, a new stitch or a new pattern. You need to be patient with yourself, or you are not going to be able to go further with your craft. You need to keep reminding yourself that you are not going to be perfect when you are a beginner, and be patient and know that you are going to improve, if you keep following the process.

Practice – When you think you have had enough practice, then you practice some more over and over again. When learning Amigurumi, you must practice the basic stitches over and over again. When you are a beginner, you should not think that because you might have the basics down pat, then go and try to crochet something difficult such as an Irish Crochet tablecloth (I have been crocheting for years, and I wouldn’t even attempt this because I have not learnt how to do it)

Persistence – Being persistent is the key to learning Amigurumi. You need to have the ability to work through all the frustrations you may feel, and keep on moving forward! The more persisted with your learning and consistent with practising your stitches, the more advanced you will become and the more complex and amazing patterns

Progress – If you practice the basic stitches to begin with as much as you can, and continue to be persistent with this when you are a beginner, you will see progress with your work and the creations you can make.

Pride The final, and most rewarding step of this formula is Pride. The e immense feeling of pride, excitement and self-confidence will be immediate the minute that you complete your final stitch. This feeling is incredible, addictive, and it will be something that you will want to feel over and over again.

So, if you are a beginner, and you feel like you are completely overwhelmed with the process of learning to crochet Amigurumi – let me assure you that with patience, a lot of practice and being persistent with the basics, you will see so much progress with your skill level. You will also feel the pride and more joy a Marie Kondo overhaul could ever bring to your life.



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