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Since COVID-19 entered our lives in March 2020, it certainly feels like everything that we once thought of as ‘normal’ in everyday life has been turned upside down. For many that can be unsettling to say the least. We’ve missed face-to-face interactions with our fellow-humans and so many more things now have to be done remotely. However, I’ve come to realise that people still find ways to come together to build bonds and community, and crochet is one of those things bringing people together. There has been a significant rise in the number of people learning new crafts and skills online. YouTube tutorials, bloggers, social media lives have been a lifeline for many – you’ve only got to look at the explosion in popularity of home-baked sourdough!

Finding My Business Community

I started my business one week after my family self-isolated in March 2020. I hired a business coach, who I found while looking at my Facebook news feed, and I hired a designer for my branding and my website from a recommendation. The choice for me to outsource this element of my business was very important to me at the time, and it was very tough in the beginning stages of planning my business to put my trust in someone else. Both the choices I made for my business was with women I had never met face to face, only via zoom.

I have been able to build the most amazing professional relationships with these women, who have been an integral part of me beginning my business. I know that I wouldn’t be where I  am now if it weren’t for their guidance. These relationships have developed purely online, and they are incredible.

In launching my business, I’ve seen similar relationships and communities blossom around my brand. I’ve experienced so much support, positivity and love form the crochet community which has humbled me but also made me feel so existed about this group of crochet-lovers we are creating!

What is it about crochet that unites people?

It is common to be tense, frustrated and lose your temper when you are learning to crochet Amigurumi. I have thrown many crochet hooks across the room in frustration during that learning phase, and there were many times when I wanted to give up.

Crocheting Amigurumi today brings me a feeling of relaxation, a way to make me feel less anxious and more self-confident. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting in my favourite chair, with a bag full of beautifully coloured yarn at my feet, my well-used crochet hook in my hand and a printed pattern by my side. When I am doing this, it is my happy place.

My mum taught me to crochet about 25 years ago, but I never could comprehend the true benefits of crochet for my mindset and well-being. I did not discover how positive it can be in your life, until life as I knew it changed in 2016. During my lowest point, crochet was my way to cope with grief and upheaval. Even though today those tough times have passed, Amigurumi continues to be that escape for me.

We will all experience and learn something new most days of our life. It takes hard work, determination, and endeavour to be successful. Crocheting Amigurumi is no different. It can be stressful and very frustrating at times but it does have an innate ability to bring people together in shared purpose, struggle and admiration!



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